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Dixie Precast provides a full line of precast foundations and related products for the Railroad Signal and Communication industry. Our foundation design allows for simple and efficient installation, allowing crews to install the foundations and structures in hours compared to conventional methods which may require days to complete installation. The Dixie Precast Retaining Walls are the highest quality and most cost effective retaining wall systems available. The versatility of all our products, including available pour in place and galvanized steel options, has been proven through the adaptation to many installations over the years.
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Dixie Precast has been manufacturing the highest quality products available for over 50 years. All of our products meet or exceed the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA) standards. Our mission is to continue to build on our position as North America’s premier supplier to the Railroad Industry for any and all types of precast and galvanized steel signal and communication foundations and retaining wall systems. To ensure the highest quality, all Dixie Precast products are subject to strict quality control standards.

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Dixie Precast has a foundation design for equipment anywhere from a dwarf signal or small antenna mast all the way through a special application signal structure or large, self-supporting communication tower. Our products have been installed throughout North America on Class I’s, Short Lines, Light Rail, Transit, and Tourist Railroads. During the PTC installations across North America, Dixie Precast provided over 10,000 tower and signal foundations to help railroads meet their deadline. We have the capacity to assist for all foundations or retaining wall needs no matter how large or small.