DPS-1A Flasher Foundation

image The Dixie Precast DPS-1A is a precast foundation that is commonly used for flasher or wayside signal applications. The S1 has a standard 9 ½” x 9 ½” bolt spacing, which matches the common mounting for 4” Mast junction box bases.
Dixie Precast supplies the DPS-1A foundation pre-assembled, so it arrives at the job site ready to install. The S1 has lifting inserts cast in the top of the foundation, which facilitate the easy placement of the foundation. Dixie Precast utilizes the same thread on all of the lifting inserts throughout our product line, so the same lifting eyes can be utilized to set all of our foundations.
The sectional construction of the foundations enables the foundation to be offered in various heights, with the most common supplied at 4’6”. Standard heights are available in 12” reductions or increases. The design of the S1 also allows for replacement of the top and/or bolts due to damage without removal of the entire foundation. The top section is designed to accommodate cable or duct entry into the mast and/or junction box.
The Dixie Precast DPS-1A Foundation meets or exceeds current AREMA Standards.