DA-10 Helical Anchors

image The Dixie Precast Concrete DA-10 Helical Anchor offers a simple alternative to traditional foundations for communication towers, gate mechanism, and wayside signal mast applications. The helical foundations are installed in a matter of minutes with auger type equipment.
The Kelly Bar Adapter is placed on the equipment’s kelly bar and attached to the top of the foundation. After attaching the foundation to the adapter, the foundation is simply screwed into the ground. The pilot point and helix of the foundation allow for quick and easy installation. With a few checks for level during the installation, the process is completed in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional foundations. The simple installation allows the associated labor costs to be greatly reduced.
The foundations are constructed completely of galvanized steel. The Helical Foundations are offered in 5’, 7’, and 10’ lengths, all with standard 11 11/16” x 11 11/16” bolt spacing. Each foundation is supplied with 1” x 8” bolts, along with leveling nuts and associated hardware. Special sizes and applications are also available.
The Dixie Precase DA-10 Helical Anchors meet or exceed current AREMA Standards.