SRW Steel Retaining Wall

image The Dixie Precast Steel Retaining Wall is the most versatile and easily installed retaining wall available. The walls are composed of galvanized steel panels that are available in 2’, 4’, and 6’ heights. All panels come in 5’ lengths. Designed for durability and long-term installation, all posts and associated hardware are also made of galvanized steel.
Dixie Precast packages the walls with all parts required for installation, including anchors, cables, clamps, and associated hardware. The steel retaining wall assembles similar to a door hinge. Each panel has a hinge portion with interlocking “hinge” pipes on both ends. When assembled, the panels are pinned together by the post. The hinge effect allows the wall to be contoured as required.
Recommended installations are applicable in both convex and concave arrangements. To insure proper retainage and support, all procedures should be followed, including installation of anchors and back supports. Installation heights of over 6’ shall be installed with a tiered approach. Recommended wall separation for tiered applications shall be approximately 2’ – 4’ between wall locations.
Contact us with any questions concerning fitting the Dixie Precast Steel Retaining Wall to your situation.